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FREE THE TONE was independently established for the purposes of realizing progressive new development and design based on the innovative concepts of Yuki Hayashi, after separating from Pacifix Ltd, where he was responsible for developing and manufacturing Providence Effects. We will be creating new products and designing advanced systems for guitarists/bassists based on Yuki’s long career supporting professional musicians in Japan. We hope to help musicians improve their performance and aim to develop trouble-free products by getting to know more about how musicians use the products in live performance or recording situations. Also, instead of focusing on single components, we will approach the entire system design in a comprehensive way, which embodies the meaning of our slogan “THE HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SYSTEM DESIGN”.

  • Company Name:Free The Tone, Ltd.
  • Representative:Yukihiro Hayashi
  • Established:November 2002
  • Office:268 Kawawa-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 224-0057, Japan

About Yukihiro Hayashi
Yukihiro Hayashi was born in 1968 in Mie prefecture of Japan. After graduating from Shibaura Institute of Technology in 1991, he started to gain experience with the design, development and maintenance of musical instruments/pro-audio equipment, as well as gaining proficiency with recording consoles and recording studio systems. From 1992 to 1994, he worked as a guitar tech for guitarist HIDE (X-Japan) . In 1997, he joined Victor Japan and was responsible for the design and development of custom mixers for music halls, digital consoles and digital amps. In 2002, he joined in Pacifix, Ltd and at the same time, he became a representative of Free The Tone, which was at the time a fully-owned affiliate company of Pacifix, Ltd. He was responsible for the design, development and manufacturing of their main Providence brand products. He worked for many top Japanese musicians designing and building system units and expanding the name of Free The Tone in the music world. In 2011, Free The Tone became an independent company after separating from Pacifix Ltd, and Yuki is now the owner and president of Free the Tone.

Origin of the company name FREE THE TONE
FREE THE TONE was conceived by Pete and Lynda Cornish based on the desire to “Free the Tone” from noise, interface, and any other impediments to music performance. Pete Cornish is known worldwide for his custom products developed for some of the best-known names in the music business, including Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Sting. Lynda has been Pete’s partner for many years.