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Forvis Light FP+TC Series


Based on know-how and ideas gained from its long experience in manufacturing custom pedalboards for many professional musicians, FREE THE TONE has realized its ideal pedalboard.
With the Forvis Light Pedalboard, you can find the quality and functionality that FREE THE TONE offers.


  • Unlike other conventional products with integral construction, FREE THE TONE’s Forvis Light Pedalboard has a separate structure that can be divided into the case and internal board. Multiple boards can be used in a single case by simply changing the boards. (Only the boards supplied by FREE THE TONE are applicable.)
  • Effects units are secured to the internal plastic board which has a honeycomb structure providing high-strength but lightweight (30% of FRP) characteristics. This same material is also used as structural members in cars or airplanes.
  • The board is very thin (10 mm, 0.39") and you can operate effectors easily during performance without having to raise your foot high.
  • Board edges are protected with aluminum frames. This also makes a structure that causes less damage and pinching of cables.
  • Handles are attached on the edge of the board to maximize its effective area.
  • Tour cases (TC-1, TC-2, TC-3) for protecting pedalboards are made of high strength FRP, for safety when stacking concert equipment.

NOTE : To fix your effects units to the board, use the velcro tape supplied with the board or highly adhesive tapes.


  • TC-1 603W × 433D × 152H mm (excl. rubber feet), 5.7 kg
  • TC-2 653W × 483D × 152H mm (excl. rubber feet), 6.4 kg
  • TC-3 753W × 503D × 152H mm (excl. rubber feet), 7.8 kg

  • Set (Light Pedalboard + Tour Case)
    Accessories: manual, 2× handles, 4× screws, Velcro tape (hook, loop)