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We at FREE THE TONE are making custom pedalboards for many professional musicians and we always use the best fasteners available to secure effects units to the board. With that in mind, we use our own special fasteners custom ordered from Velcro. Velcro is a very famous brand and its name has become synonymous with hook-and-loop fasteners in the United States. We recommend to always use the best fasteners, like those used on FREE THE TONE pedalboards for professional musicians!

*Velcro® is a registered trademark of Velcro USA Inc.


  • Special FREE THE TONE fasteners custom ordered from the top brand Velcro after testing many of their products.
  • These fasteners are the ones actually used by FREE THE TONE when assembling pedalboards for professional musicians.
  • Loop and Hook faces are highly durable and can be used repeatedly.


  • Size (width): 25.4 mm (Common to VT-1H and VT-1L)
  • ※After application, avoid use in an extremely high temperature and/or high humidity environment.
  • ※If used with a continuous load, the adhesive tape may distort and peel off even at normal temperature.
  • ※Adhesion depends on the material of the surface to which the tape is applied.
  • ※Before applying the tape to an effects unit or board, clean off all dust or contamination from its surface.