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The Free The Tone TA-1H “TRI AVATAR” is a next generation chorus pedal with four signal paths for three chorus sounds (three phases) and one dry signal. In stereo operation the first phase of chorus sound is assigned to the L side, the second phase to the L+R sides, and the third phase to the R side.

In monaural operation all of the three phases are mixed together. By mixing three independent chorus sounds the TRI AVATAR adds more width and depth to its output and the result exceeds that which can be achieved by conventional stereo chorus pedals. Problems with usual chorus units such as unintentional pitch changes, sound images with blurred lower end, and noises relating to sweep timing have been solved by combining Free The Tone’s analog and digital technologies and with its unique know-how.

The result is our completely new chorus pedal that will amaze its users with the various incredible sounds that can be created by a single chorus pedal. Try it and experience the TRI AVATAR’s potential that goes beyond the concepts of conventional chorus pedals!


  • Three independent pitch-modulation signal paths and one dry signal path for mixing in the analog domain.
  • A widening effect characteristic of three-phase choruses is attained by 120˚ shifting of the phase in each signal modulation path.
  • Supports both stereo and monaural operation. In monaural operation, all of signals from the three modulation paths are mixed, enabling diverse sound creation.
  • Next generation chorus sound with minimum noise has been attained by adopting 24-bit AD/DA converters and with Free The Tone’s original signal processing and algorithms.
  • Up to four sets of knob settings can be stored as presets. These four presets can be recalled via MIDI signals.
  • RATE or HI-CUT parameters can be controlled in real-time from an expression pedal plugged into the EXP terminal.
  • Implemented HTS circuit


  • Input impedance: min. 500 kΩ
  • Output load impedance: min. 10 kΩ
  • Max. Input level: +7dBm
  • Terminals: 4 x Standard 1/4″ phone jack (IN, OUT/L (mono), OUT/R, EXT), DIN 5-P IN connector (MIDI IN), DC9V input jack (for connecting AC adapter)
  • Power supply: 9 VDC via dedicated AC adapter (FA-0905D-JA/UK/EU)
  • Current consumption: max. 140 mA
  • Dimensions : 120W x 102.3D x 58.5H mm (inc. protuberances such as jacks)
  • Weight : approx. 380 g (excl. accessories)
  • Accessories: warranty card, manual, AC adapter (FA-0905D-JA/UK/EU), 4× rubber feet



TRI AVATAR TA-1H Firmware 1.2 Download

Please proceed with the update after checking the version number of your TRI AVATAR. To check the current firmware version, after turning on the device, the PRESET 1-4 LEDs will light up and go out in order from 1 to 4. After that, all four of the PRESET 1-4 LEDs will light up and the number of times they light up will indicate the version number. If the TRI AVATAR is running the ver. 1.2 firmware, all of the PRESET 1‒4 LEDs illuminate twice and it will then start up.

Click here to download the additional Notes for Tri Avatar TA-1H Software Ver.1.2
Click here to download the Firmware Update Procedure Manual

TA-1H Firmware Version 1.2(2016/11/10): [DOWNLOAD]

  • ・It is now possible to confirm the setting of each knob stored in a Preset.
TRI AVATAR TA-1H Firmware 1.1 Download

Please proceed with the update after checking the version number of your TRI AVATAR. The current firmware version can be checked by counting the number of light-up times. If the PRESET 1‒4 LEDs do not illuminate, then the TRI AVATAR is running with the ver. 1.0 firmware. If it is running with the ver. 1.1 firmware, it will reboot after all of the 1‒4 LEDs illuminate once.

Click here to download the Firmware Update Procedure Manual

TA-1H Firmware Version 1.1(2016/7/19): [DOWNLOAD]

  • ・Improved stability when operating the TRI AVATAR with external MIDI equipment.
  • ・Minor software bugs have been fixed.

Warning to customers:
Please use the MIDI Interface we recommend (Yamaha MIDI-USB UX16/Roland UM-ONE MARK 2/M-Audio UNO*) to update the firmware of the TRI AVATAR. FREE THE TONE and our dealers will not accept returns for refund due to problems updating caused by using an incompatible MIDI Interface. Before purchasing the TRI AVATAR please be certain that you have access to the right MIDI interface.
*The MIDI Interface of the M-Audio Uno may not work correctly under MAC OS X after Yosemite. Please contact M-Audio for information on compatibility between your OS and MIDI interface.