Matt Schofield

Matt Schofield

Matt Schofield was one of the first endorsers of Free The Tone Custom Products and has been using our products for many years. The early production of the Free The Tone Custom SOV-2/Overdrive (serial #22) has been on his pedalboard for over 5 years as his main overdrive pedal until he replaced it with the new MS SOV SPECIAL.

We received some nice comments from Matt.
“I am honoured to put my name to the limited edition MS-SOV Special Overdrive Pedal. The SOV overdrive has been a consistent and vital ingredient in my live and recording set up for many years now. It stands without peer, unchallenged, and unrivalled for it’s place in my rig. An extremely musical overdrive, that is fat, rich and warm, but at the same time always open, dynamic and touch responsive. I would go so far as to say that the SOV, and Free The Tone, have been a important component, and constant musical partner, in my on going journey to develop my own unique sound. We based this new signature model on my personal favourite original Free The Tone version. An early production SOV, serial #22, that has been on my pedal board for over 5 years. And with the new HTS buffer/bypass circuit added to the MS-SOV my whole rig sounds better than ever with the pedal turned on or off! Thanks Yuki and Free The Tone for your vision, support over the years, and dedication to the search for great musical tone!”

*Matt Schofield Signature series MS SOV MS-1V and MS-2V have been discontinued.

Here are the evolution of the SOV that Matt has had been using in the past:

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