Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor

After using a number of other brand drive pedals on my board I finally managed to get hold of the “Red Jasper” overdrive and was instantly blown away by its incredibly transparent tone. I´ve used this pedal now for a number of years and I constantly receive compliments from people for my sound/tone etc.

The Red Jasper Overdrive retains your guitars tone and yet somehow adds life and dynamics to everything and pushes through with just the right frequencies. When stacked with another drive pedal to push it even further, it makes it simply amazing!
No wonder this pedal received rave reviews from the music press.

At the moment I´m in the process of adding the SOV-2 Overdrive to my board too, and so Im really looking forward to getting to know it better. You can’t go wrong with such high quality gear. Great tone and great reliability.

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