Toni Torres

Mitago Folk Rock band Toni Torres

Toni Torres is Sound Engineer from Barcelona, guitarist and drummer, nowadays own and is the director and producer of the recording studio Here Comes The Sound, in the heart of Barcelona city, real stone room and building from 1892, the old Barcelona feeling. Also guitarist and producer of the Folk Rock band MITAGO.

“Since i started my relationship with Japan, his culture, martial arts, J-rock and amazing artists, also i could live in Tokyo from 2011-2014 then i found the brand “Free the tone” anyway i always was a geek guitarist trying and trying to find new sounds, experience, and discover new ways to play. I really fast felt in love with the sound of the guitar pedals, the way to use, the presets, etc…

Actually in my main board i have the Chorus, the Delay, the Reverb and the volume pedals, combined with tube real amps or any emulation i can get a very clean and beautiful sound, easy to use, and also beautiful thinking on the design, then i also found the high quality cables, that now i’m using either, connecting my heads tube amps to my cabinets, so wow, its been a big honour to me to be endorsed by Free The Tone, i’m using the pedals in every show with my band Mitago, rehearsals or in my recording studio Here Comes the Sound in Barcelona were i could record some cool Japanese Artists like Inoran from Luna Sea, KAO=S, etc… and very nice projects like Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra, so many people is using Free the tone in my studio

Chorus is my main effect in the clean sound with the Mitago songs, there is one position that really remembers me the clean tone of “Smells likes teen spirit” from Nirvana, as a person who grows in the 90s is great to find this sound that easilly”

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