MIYAVI’s Latest Systems MIYAVI is a Japanese solo rock artist, who has 3 successful world tours under his belt, totaling over 200 shows in 30 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia

His long-awaited 4th world tour started from February 2014.
We would like to introduce MIYAVI’s latest systems including his amps and the equipment set up at the amp side, that he is now using for the world tour.
This is the main pedalboard in front of MIYAVI’s spot on the stage. FREE THE TONE built the board. It is controlled by a PEC-2 modified by FREE THE TONE. He uses a Junction box for signal IN/OUT and PT-1D for a power supply. The pedalboard is a FREE THE TONE Forvis Light Pedalboard which is very light weight, and he can also operate effectors easily during performance without having to raise his foot high. The box on the right side of the board switches the vocal mic.