ARC-4 Firmware has been updated to Ver. 1.11.

You can download the latest firmware from here :

When you update the firmware from the version 1.00, the unit will be initialized to the factory shipment status and all of the stored data will be lost. Be sure to make a backup of your existing data before starting the firmware update.
For information on how to make a backup to a PC or Mac, please refer to “ARC-4 Firmware Update Procedures” on the Free The Tone website.
From version 1.11 the Display-2 no longer shows the Free The Tone logo during booting up. This is the normal operation.

*A BPM value can now be set in each preset.
*Starting number of banks becomes selectable: 000 or 001.
*Various functions can be assigned to footswitches

Click here to download the Supplementary Notes to ARC-4 Firmware Version 1.11 Supplementary Notes
Click here to download the Firmware Update Procedure Manual