Daryl Hall with Todd Rundgren Live tour in Japan

Yuki Hayashi, who is owner of FREE THE TONE, was invited to the Daryl Hall with Todd Rundgren Japan tour at the Tokyo Garden Theater last night. The show featured a three-part structure with a guest appearance by Cornelius, and it was an incredible live music performance. Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall showcased their powerful vocal talents, and they performed several iconic songs.
During the Live show, Shane Theriot, the guitarist of The Daryl's House Band, used the Free The Tone HEAT BLASTER, FLIGHT TIME, and TRI AVATAR pedals.
He mentioned that he used the HEAT BLASTER for all his solo performances. His guitar playing was truly remarkable and added a wonderful dimension to the songs and vocals.
After the show, Yuki had the pleasure of visiting back stage and enjoyed some delightful conversations with Shane Theriot.
Shane, thank you very much for your hospitality.