The band Marillion, who have been well known for many years as representatives of the Neo-Progressive-Rock of the 1980s, performed at the Club Citta in Kawasaki for the first time in 23 years

We received an invitation to the show from one of the original members, guitarist Steve Rothery, who has been using the FREE THE TONE Flight Time, and attended both the sound check and the live performance. At the sound check, Steve tried the Ambi Space Reverb AS-1R and Tri Avatar Multi-dimensional Chorus TA-1H. He liked them very much and he said he will use them for his solo project pedalboard immediately. Also, he tried out the new overdrive pedal String Slinger, which is still under development, at the sound check and we received a favorable comment that he would definitely like to use it when it is released. We are very happy to support his sound in the future. Thanks Steve for the great opportunity to meet you in person and for trying out our products.