MARILLION came to Japan with the Japan Tour 2018 and performed live at Club Citta for 2 days on September 15 and 16

Tickets were all sold out and they are very popular and people didn’t seem to mind standing to see their show.

We went to see Steve Rothery, the guitarist of MARILLION, at soundcheck on the first day. I have a good relationship with Steve since meeting him in Japan last year and visiting MARILLION's studio in the UK last year. It was a very important day for us as I promised to let him try out the STRING SLINGER and FIRE MIST which he tried at the prototype stage last year. Also, he agreed to check out the sound of the new stereo delay under development, which incorporates some of Steve's ideas.

After the band sound check was over, Steve called me to try out the STRING SLINGER and then the FIRE MIST. Steve had brought a full guitar systems this time and it was the best situation to test the sound of the pedals. The main guitar that Steve uses primarily has a humbucker pickup. The FIRE MIST, which was sound-designed to match humbuckers, was a perfect fit for his sound. Steve gave us a compliment by saying "It's a wonderful, big sound!"

He then connected the new stereo delay that is under development to his system and listened to the five preset delay sounds one by one. When he tried the sound of the preset that was implemented based on Steve's idea, he gave me a big smile and said "It is a very musical sound! It is wonderful, congratulations!"

This time, a large projector and a huge lighting system were set up on the stage and the approximately 2.5-hour show was synchronized to the live performance and stage effects. The band's performance and interaction with the audience was even more brilliant.
To MARILLION, and especially Steve, thank you for a wonderful time.