Yuki Hayashi, owner of FREE THE TONE held a system construction seminar on October 14th Shanghai, October 16th in Beijing

In Shanghai the seminar was held at DORIAN MUSIC and in Beijing, it was held at the venue designed by famous architect, Kengo Kuma. As a first seminar in China, he explained a wide range of techniques, such as the structure of cables and various types of noise, how to reduce noise and know-how on building a pedal board, etc. It was a very warm atmosphere at the Shanghai seminar and everyone asked me some questions, such as how to choose cables and how to select effectors which many people may may have trouble with. In Beijing, despite it being a weekday, more than 40 people attended the seminar, including several professional musicians. Many questions were received, and he felt they were enthusiastic in their desire to absorb much information.
Thank you so much to everyone who attended the seminar, the people at DORIAN MUSIC and also the staff of RED MUSIC WORKS, our distributor in China. We look forward to holding seminars again in China in the future.