Model MB-3
Manual MB-3 MIDI THRU BOX Manual
MIDI is common to many guitar/bass devices these days. Here at FREE THE TONE, we adopt MIDI devices in most of our custom pedalboards and rack systems.

There is usually no problem if you have only one MIDI receiving device in your system. However if your system has multiple MIDI devices and if all of the MIDI signal wirings are done serially, MIDI data transmission requires a certain amount of time which can result in a delay or a malfunction.
The MB-3 receives one stream of MIDI data and splits it into three to enable parallel data transmission. By receiving MIDI data directly from the MB-3, your devices can avoid various problems that can occur if it is serially connected.

The wave shape of the MIDI signal fed into the MB-3 is corrected by its internal logic circuit, preventing transmission errors due to deteriorated data wave shape.


  • By connecting MIDI data in parallel via the MB-3, you can avoid data delay or malfunction that may occur when multiple MIDI devices are serially connected.
  • The incoming MIDI signal’s waveform is reshaped by going through the logic circuit in the MB-3, preventing transmission error due to deteriorated data wave shape.
  • All of the DIN jacks that receive MIDI cables are placed on one side to minimize wiring space in a pedal board or rack.


Terminals: 4× DIN 5-pin connectors (1× MIDI IN, 3× MIDI OUT)
Power supply 9-VDC AC adapter
Current consumption approx. 11 mA
Dimensions 100W × 45D × 30H mm (incl. protuberances such as jacks)
Weight approx. 110 g (excl. accessories)
Accessories warranty card, manual, AC adapter (FA-0905D-JA/UK/EU)