SL-F Series


SL-F Series
  • Solderless Plug SL-F Short type Straight 1pc Yen1,300.-

  • Solderless Plug SL-F Short type Angle 1pc Yen1,400.-

  • Solderless Plug SL-F Standard type Straight 1pc Yen1,300.-

  • Solderless Plug SL-F Standard type Angle 1pc Yen1,400.-

  • Solderless Cable CU-5050 1m in a package Yen760.-

  • Solderless Cable CU-5050 BULK (Indicate length in meters) Yen760.-/m

  • Solderless Cable CUI-6550 BULK (Indicate length in meters) Yen900.-/m

FREE THE TONE released its revolutionary ultra miniature solderless plugs “SL-8 Series” in 2012. This series has been widely accepted as it allowed easy cable making without soldering. However the SL-8 series plugs required the use of dedicated cable CU-416. At FREE THE TONE, while making many pedalboards and rack systems for our customers, we started a development project to commercialize solderless plugs that can use general shielded cables including our CUI-6550 and CU-5050.
We examined a wide variety of structures in order to be applicable to various shielded cables with different diameters and constructions available in the market. One day, we hit on an idea for a structure with individual contact points for the core wires and shield, and then after making many prototypes this new “SL-F Series” was finally completed (its original plug structure is patent pending.)
With “SL-F Series” plugs, you can easily make your custom shielded cable using any single core wire shielded cable (ø5 to 7 mm) with mulitple strands without soldering. You can of course make a new shielded cable with our optional CUI-6550 or CU-5050 cable, but without soldering you can also easily revive a cable that was broken at its plug or a cable whose soldered portion lost contact.
Cables are widely recognized by players as one of the major factors affecting sound. With FREE THE TONE’s “SL-F Series,” you can easily make your own custom cables for musical instruments including guitar/bass to your taste and in the desired length.
It’s great that everyone can now make shielded cables with ease. Please try this innovative product.

The portion contacting the braid shield has a gentle arc to provide a shape that can be easily inserted in between the braid and jacket.
An opening is made to visually confirm the contacting point when pressing the contact into the core wire.
The cable is firmly secured with a screw to prevent it from coming off.
Plastic Spacers are supplied to be applicable to various cables with differing diameters.
Plug Cap: 2 types of plug caps are available to cover various applications.
From Left to Right, Cap, Plug, Plastic Spacer, Screw.
Please attach the plastic spacer when using a 5mm diameter cable such as FREE THE TONE CU-5050.

SL-F-SHRT (Cap length : 24mm)

Recommended for Link Cables

SL-F-STD (Cap length : 33mm)

Recommended for Guitar/Bass cables

Optional Cables


CUI-6550 is the FREE THE TONE’s original cable made especially for string instruments such as electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, etc. and it is has been jointly developed with a wire manufacturer. A natural but punchy and fat tone that won’t get lost in ensemble sound has been attained with a double structure insulator made of different materials. We completed the CUI-6550 cable after researching many points required for instrument cables such as sound quality, durability, flexibility, weight, etc.


This is the productization of our ideal for connecting effects units together based on FREE THE TONE’s many years of experience in building systems. With 50 strands of ø0.08mm oxygen-free copper (OFC), this cable incorporates high sound quality, flexibility, and durability. Also its high-density braid shield makes this cable almost immune to external noise. CU-5050 features a fatter sound than CU-416. Were commend this cable when making a pedalboard for a bassist or a guitarist who plays 7- or 8-string guitars or drop-tuned guitars, and when a fatter sound is required and an effects unit such as a FUZZ or overdrive is connected.



< CUI-6550 Cable >
Conductor Size 0.5mm²
Construction 50/0.12A OFC (No/mm)
Insulation Thickness 1.55mm(±0.05)
Inner Jacket Thickness 0.25mm
Shield Diameter 5.00mm
Jacket Thickness 0.75mm(±0.10)
Diameter 6.50mm(±0.20)
Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C) 32.6≧(Ω/km)
Capacitance(1kHz) Approx.80 (pF/m)
< CU-5050 Cable >
Conductor Size 0.25mm²
Construction 50/0.08A OFC (No/mm)
Insulation Thickness 0.93mm(±0.05)
Inner Jacket Thickness 0.25mm
Shield Diameter 3.50mm
Jacket Thickness 0.75mm(±0.10)
Diameter 5.00mm
Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C) 100≧(Ω/km)
Capacitance(1kHz) Approx.80 (pF/m)

JP. PAT. NO. 6587243 / DES. PAT. JP. 1645382 / DES. PAT. JP. 1645383