The EFS-3 is a dedicated extension footswitch for the ARC-4. It improves visibility and operation by placing LEDs over each footswitch that were not available in previous models.

Various functions can be assigned to the E1 to E3 switches of the EFS-3. For example, you can recall program presets PS8~PS10 that cannot be recalled from the ARC-4 or assign on/off control of effects loops. By using the EFS-3, you can make full use of the functions of the ARC-4 and build a more flexible sound system.

* The EFS-3 and the ARC-4 are connected using the included dedicated cable (RC-7).




A bracket for the ARC-4 to hold the EFS-3. (Option)


RC-7  40cm / 50cm / 80cm / 100cm

Dedicated Connection Cable between ARC-4and EFS-3/PHA-1.
The EFS-3 comes standard with a 40cm RC-7 cable, but other lengths are sold separately.


  • ARC-4 preset numbers PS8, PS9, and PS10 can be recalled (initial configuration).
  • By assigning effects loops (L1–L8) to the terminals, individual effects loops can be turned on/off at any time even in Preset mode.
  • Up to three different control signals can be sent by assigning CSW1–8, CTL1–6, MUTE-A, and MUTE-B and BOOST.


Controls 3× momentary footswitches
Terminals 1× DIN 7-pin connector
Dimensions 110(W) × 97(D) × 74(H) mm (incl. protuberances such as jacks)
Weight approx. 390 g
Accessories Dedicated cable to connect with ARC-4 (RC-7/40cm), warranty card, manual