Model LDP-1
Manual 12-DIGIT LED DISPLAY / LDP-1 Manual
KS-AE-1/KS-EP-1/KS-LD-1 Installation manual
  • Price : Yen 31,000.- plus shipping

The Free The Tone “LDP-1” 12-Digit LED Display can show up to 12 characters. When combined with the Free The Tone ARC-4, it can automatically show the ARC-4’s Bank or Preset titles. When used with the Free The Tone ARC-53M or MIDI-compatible products from other manufactures, the LDP-1 can recall its internal presets on receipt of a MIDI program change number and indicate the entered labels.
In addition to song or preset titles, users can easily show messages such as “STOP,” “START,” etc. The LDP-1 has a Tempo Display function and can store the tempo information in each preset.

Optional Accessory:KS-LD-1

Bracket to secure LDP-1. Used to install in a pedalboard or to adjust to an easy-to-see angle.
LDP-1+KS-LD-1 Setting sample
ARC-4+LDP-1+KS-LD-1 Setting Sample


LED Display Section
• Bank/Preset titles saved in the ARC-4 can be shown on the LDP-1 by just connecting one single MIDI cable between them.
• The sequential order and duration of Bank/Preset title display can be edited.
• LED brightness is adjustable.
Tempo Display Function
• Two display modes: Tempos from received external MIDI clock and from the internal metronome.
• There are 12 dot LEDs to show tempo. The number of dots to be illuminated can be selected from 1 to 12. You can select Swing mode in which the
illumination point moves leftward and rightward in sync with the tempo.
• Tempo display settings can be stored in each preset.
• Accepts 9- to 12-VDC power. You can connect the AC-DC adapter supplied with your ARC series unit to the LDP-1 and supply power to the ARC series
unit from the DC9-12V THRU terminal on the LDP-1.
• Use the optional bracket KS-LD-1 to install the LPD-1 in your pedalboard or to adjust to an easy-to-see angle.


Preset Number Display: In ARC-4 mode = 2000 presets (10 presets x 200 banks), In Internal Memory mode = 500 presets
Terminals: MIDI IN, MIDI THRU, DC9-12V IN, DC9-12V THRU
Power supply: 9V DC center negative polarity
Consumption current: approx. 220 mA (9-VDC operation)
Dimensions: 240 (W) x 54 (D) x 45.5 (H) mm (incl. protrusions such as knobs, etc.)
Weight: approx. 380 g
Accessories: Warranty card, Web Access Card,