Model PHV-1
Manual PHV-1 PHASE INVERTER Operation Manual
  • Price : Yen 16,000.- plus shipping

The Free The Tone PHV-1 is a device which inverts the signal phase of an effects unit or amplifier. It inverts the input signal’s phase from in-phase to out-of-phase or out-of-phase to in-phase.
It is very important to create an environment in which you can manipulate the signal phase. By controlling whether a signal is in-phase or out-of-phase, your sound making palette becomes richer and broader. For example, many wah-wah pedals, compressors, boosters, etc. with conventional circuits have outputs whose signal phase is inverted and these products use the out-of-phase characteristics in their sound making. On the other hand you sometimes can get better results by flipping this out-of-phase output to in-phase. Since there is always a phase interference when sounds overlap each other, it is important to test whether being in-phase or out-of-phase can yield a better result.

If you know that an out-of-phase signal is one of the causes for diminishing your instrument sound, the possibility of solving this problem would be increased by using the PHV-1. Especially for bassists who play with a kick drum sound as their reference, the phase difference due to combination of effects units can be the cause of stress in playing. By combining the PHV-1 with your existing effects unit this problem can be solved.


  • To invert effects unit’s output signal phase
  • To connect to your amplifier’s send return if it flips the signal phase
  • To combine with a switcher, etc. if the signal phase is not the same between your amplifier channels

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ARC-53M/Audio Routing Contoroller
The PHV-1 can be combined with Free The Tone’s Audio Routing Controller ARC Series. It can be connected to the ARC Series unit’s control terminal and easily invert the signal phase.
A manually operated latch type footswitch can also be used.
PHA-1/Phase Analyzer
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Terminals 3 x 1/4-inch standard phone jacks (IN, OUT,REMOTE), DC9V input jack (for connecting AC adaptor)
Controls INVERTER ON/OFF switch, INPUT Z select switch (Hi-Z: 1MΩ, Lo-Z: 300kΩ)
Power supply 9-VDC AC adaptor (not included)
Consumption current approx. 60 mA
Dimensions 93.5 (W) x 54 (D) x 35.5 (H) mm (excl.protrusions protrusion such as knobs, switches, etc.)
Weight approx. 180 g
Accessories Warranty card, Owner’s guide

NOTE: No AC-DC adaptor is included in this product. Please prepare separately.