Model PT-3D
  • Price : Yen24,000.- plus shipping

Although it is light and compact, the PT-3D furnishes two completely independent isolated output terminals (9 VDC/500 mA) and six low-noise standard output terminals (9 VDC/100 mA) and can power up to eight lines.
The PT-3D’s isolated output terminals can supply current higher than 1 A momentarily required by some digital effects units on boot. After booting of the units, the PT-3D can stably continue to supply required amperage up to 500 mA.
This makes the PT-3D, which is designed to supply 9 VDC, applicable to effects units requiring high capacity current (such as DigiTech® WHAMMY DT™/WHAMMY 5™, Eventide® TIME FACTOR/MOD FACTOR/PITCH FACTOR /SPACE/H9, LINE6® DL4™/MM4™/FM4™, Strymon® TIMELINE/MOBIUS).


  • Like other PT series products, rigidity and lightness are attained by making the housing of Japanese-made aluminum alloy used in aircraft parts.
  • Two completely independent isolated output terminals (9 VDC/500 mA) and six low-noise standard output terminals (9 VDC/100 mA) can power up to eight lines.
  • Each 9VDC output terminal is stabilized and powers the effects unit via the separate noise filter and short-circuit protection circuit.
  • The noise level of the power from the low-noise standard output terminal is greatly reduced by passing through the 2-step noise filter and the output voltage is set to approximately 9.8 VDC in order to reproduce the condition of power being supplied from a brand-new battery.
  • The isolated output terminals can supply current higher than 1A momentary required by some digital effects units on boot.
  • Since the two isolated output terminals are completely independent each other and electrically insulated, no ground loop noise will occur. External digital noise via mains power supply lines is rejected.


  • 2× Stabilized 9 VDC isolated output terminals (@ max. 500 mA)
  • 6× Stabilized 9 VDC low-noise standard output terminals (@ max. 100 mA)
  • Short-circuit protection circuit in each output
  • Dimensions: 120W × 55D × 35H mm (excl. rubber feet)
  • Weight: approx. 185 g (excl. accessories)
  • Accessories: warranty card, manual, 4× DC cables (L = 30 cm, L/L), 4× DC cables (L = 50 cm, L/L), 1× AC adapter (FA-1220D-JA/UK/EU)


  • The supplied DC power cables are not applicable to effects units from Eventide® or LINE6®. Customers need to prepare suitable cables for use with such units.
  • Proper basic operations on the products noted above (DigiTech®, Eventide®, LINE6®, Strymon®) have been confirmed by FREE THE TONE (as of November 11, 2013). However this does not guarantee full operation of each product.
  • Due to modifications or minor changes that might be made by a manufacturer of those products after our confirmation, the above-mentioned products may no longer be compatible with the PT-3D. As a precaution, before connecting, be sure to confirm the power requirements of the device to be connected to the PT-3D.
  • The DC cable supplied with the PT-3D can be used with the following models.
    DigiTech® WHAMMY DT™/WHAMMY 5™
  • The PT-3D can be used for the following models by using the FREE THE TONE conversion cable “CP-R25CV”.
    LINE6® DL4™/MM4™/FM4™


If I connect a modulation or distortion effects unit to the high current terminal of the PT-3D, is noise level increased compared to the case where it is connected to the low-noise standard terminal?
Yes. If you are using a distortion effects unit, the noise level can rise a little. But it depends on the circuit used in it. For a modulation effects unit, the difference would be almost imperceptible because the gain is low.
By using a polarity reversing cable, can I use the PT-3D to power a Fuzz that has a center plus power jack and operates correctly only when it is powered alone?
Yes. Since the PT-3D’s high-current terminal is isolated, it can be used for an effects unit driven by -9 V (i.e., a circuit that connects the power supply’s (+) side to the ground).
NOTE: The low-noise standard output terminal cannot be used for this application.